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We go by the belief that no person wakes up in the morning with the aim of having a bad day at work. Nobody looks forward to that. We believe that days seem endless when people are unsatisfied in their environments; discontent is the primary reason why people change. People by nature find ways to improve their situation. From the earliest cavemen learning how to start a fire to today’s office clerk automating repetitive tasks we all aspire to improve our daily jobs. We learn fresh skills and acquire new responsibilities until we feel confident enough to move to higher in job hierarchy. The progress we bring to our lives is coded in our DNA and that DNA is what defines our societies that are based on the aspirational model of progress. Our societies have a great impact on our behavior, mental health and morale.

That said, let’s agree that people want to move forward but don’t always get there. The drawbacks to people’s aspirations take on various shapes and forms. Let’s illustrate Quinn’s story to prove our point. Quinn is a teller at a bank who one day aspires to become a manager. Quinn, like everyone else at the branch, is busy with his day-to-day operations. He would like to work more often on his promotion, but life gets in his way. His managers don’t seem to place Quinn’s training at the top of their priority list as they’re as busy as he is. Quinn is on his own in the corporate jungle yet determined to do something about it. If only he knew how to get there, Quinn would be the first runner. Although 360 reviews happen yearly, Quinn is still thankful that they at least happen; because he gets to know what his clients say about him. With that information in mind, Quinn can focus his efforts on better serving his clients. If only, yearly reviews happened more often, Quinn would be the next shining star. Thankfully, Binary Analytics (BA) is here to help.

BA is a customer satisfaction data acquisition system that tells Quinn what his clients say about him. BA reports back to Quinn not only his performance but also a breakdown of the skills he needs to acquire to improve his service. From his dashboard, Quinn sees aggregated information about his global performance and his ranking within his organization. He’s able to break down this information into multiple categories from Time Management, to Communication skills, to soft and hard skills among the other categories of skills required for him to outshine at his job. For each one of the skills Quinn would like to excel at, he has the option to play a 5-minute online game; making his training efforts fun and enjoyable. The more he plays, the more he unlocks levels with each level bring additional skills to his library.

Binary Analytics is the crossline between Gamified Learning and Customer Experience Management. The latter lacks the “Now What” component while the former falls short of focus areas. We will expand on this idea in our next blog post. Stayed tuned to

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