How asking the right question leads to valuable information.

Imagine the scenario in which you are a manager of a large company. On a daily basis your employees are busy serving their clients. Everything looks fine on the outside until you decide to dig a little deeper. Let’s see how you can make good use of your time and get straight to the point. 

On any one day you decide to ask a client of yours 1 question. If you assume that that client will give you at most 10 seconds of their time, what would you ask them? 


Why is this question important? Let it sink for a minute before you proceed.

Imagine your client has to choose 1 answer among the 4 that you provide him/her with. 

  1. Yes. 
  2. No, the clerk was not available at their desk
  3. No, the queue was too long
  4. No, the previous client took too much time

You, as a manager, and based on that single question, would be able to understand multiple issues. 

If your client picks the second answer then that tells you that you have a process problem as your employee was alienated from their desk when they shouldn’t have been. 

If your client picks the third answer, then maybe you have a scheduling or a resource allocation problem

If your client picks the fourth answer then most probably you have a resource allocation problem. 

You could potentially deter 3 opportunities by just asking 1 single question. How beautiful is that?

What we wanted to convey in this post is to show you how powerful a single question can be if worded correctly. Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to offer you our consultancy services free of charge and guide you towards the questions you should be asking your clients. 

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