Automating the voice of the customer.

You are a manager of a company, or an owner, doesn’t matter and you decide to dig deeper to see how your company is performing. How do you do that? Well, if you look at the industry practice, you’ll set some KPIs and monitor them. Mostly these KPIs will be internal, but what about the voice of the customer? How do you gauge it? 

Industry practise tells us that survey email and phone calls are some tools you can use to listen to your customers. We say Neeeh!

How many times have you been annoyed by survey emails? you keep deleting them and they always come back at you. Some countries now have anti-spamming laws in which companies are not allowed to contact their clients without a written consent. How many times have you had to answer a phone survey and rate services from 1 to 10 just because you didn’t feel like turning the caller down? If you answer 9 or 10 then you’re sure the call goes faster as you’ll be avoiding the WHY question. I’ve done it 🙂 Just get it done with and move on. 

How many times have you been solicited to participate in a survey for a chance to win an XYZ prize? Were you more interested in the prize or in giving valuable information to your service provider?

What does that tell you as a manager? 

It tells you that these tools have failed to delivered up to their promise. People don’t want them. Why would companies offer a prize to their participants if these people were genuinely willing to give the information up font anyway?

So our advice to you is dead simple: Don’t waste your money on post-the-fact survey as it will annoy your clients and/or give you unreliable data. 

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