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Binary Analytics is here to support people in corporate environments increase their chances of success and improve their skills. The way we get there is by providing the right tools to people to both listen to their customer’s voice and gamify their learning experience.

Anytime throughout the day, users can log on the platform and check their performance. A few minutes is all that’s needed to skim through the performance report. A couple of times a week (or at their convenience), users will be prompted to play a 2 - 10 minute-online-training. The time required to play the game depends on the category of the game and its level of difficulty.

BA is the virtual coach for companies and the people who run them. Users embrace the platform’s potential to increase their skills. They understand that BA is their virtual resume where they can set goals and work toward achieving them.

2 consultants and a seed investor fund. Georgy, a consultant in change management, Johnny, a business intelligence expert, and LSF who believed in the idea and invested in it.

The short answer: Day 1. The longer answer is the following: Every terminal is personalized to the service provider’s profile. After day 1, the user should have a large enough data set to draw inferences and start implementing skill enhancement measures.

Yes. We work with statisticians who define how our algorithm thinks. Some questions will appear multiple times on the screen to ensure the results are conclusive while others will appear at a lower frequency. We use techniques such as reverse wording, interspersing, negation, single-barreling, and follow up questions to ensure high accuracy of our results.

BA is not quite a Crystal Ball. BA is a tool that helps businesses pinpoint solutions. Your team and ours will sit together in order to understand what your corporate objectives are and come up with a strategy. That strategy will be translated into lines of code at our end and questions at your end. the best part: the questions as well as other setups are configurable from a main dashboard giving your users complete control over the implementation process.

Not quite. Questions will loop at varying frequencies until a statistically significant inference is reached. Our servers use machine learning to understand which questions to ask and which not to and determine the sequence and frequency of each question. The sequence changes depending on the historical performance of the service provider and the goals that the provider has set. These goals can be changed on a daily basis depending on the short and long-term strategies of the organization.

Yes. Our terminals identify possible outliers and funky patterns in the way buttons are pressed. These responses will be flagged and you can choose to either discard or keep them in the reporting system.

Of course. Every person has a unique RFID identifier card. When he or she scans the card, the terminal setup will change to reflect that person’s settings. We understand that businesses have different needs; for example, a reception at a hotel can be filled by 3 people from 3 different shifts. That’s why we have created a terminal that is employee specific while making sure no two user's data are mixed. Each user gets a personal username and password to access his data confidentially stored on our servers.

Yes we do! More specifically, these terminals offer a different value proposition to the business as a whole. For example, on these terminals we can test more generic questions such as enquiries about the customer experience as a whole, music, ambiance, valet parking, staff friendliness, etc. Questions that are premise specific.

No, we do not provide the questions ourselves. BA is not a one size-fits-all solution and this is why our users love us. Depending on your corporate goals, your team will come up with a list of questions that change daily, weekly, or monthly. It all depends on how quickly your team addresses the problem that the questions have identified. We help you in laying out a strategy and translating it into achievable goals.

BA is a stand-alone system that runs on its own 4G network. It requires no integration with current systems. BA can export its database in multiple formats allowing users to plug in the data into other reporting systems if needed.

All languages including Latin and non-Latin based alphabets.

Yes! The report is updated at the push of a button. Our servers receive the answers from your client in real-time and update the reports every minute all day long.

Yes, we provide this service at an additional cost. 

Yes definitely! We help people grow in their businesses and strive when we hear their success stories. Please use our terminals to establish communication channels between associates and management. We are pleased to help you get there.

True story: One of our clients set a terminal at the employee exit and asked users to punch-in one click before walking out. The results were impressive and started an internal discussion to improve the level of job satisfaction.  In that setup, BA acted the voice of the employee.

Yes, more specifically you can choose to see different aggregation of metrics such as at a service provider level, team level, branch level, and geographic areas. Same goes for performance across different dimensions such as Time Management, Soft skills, Efficiency, Friendliness, Accessibility, etc. Essentially,  management and users can create their own aggregation tree for reporting purposes by including or excluding any metric of their choice.

Yes. The concept has already been proven; clients like to express their thoughts. Moreover, we acknowledge 2 types of feedback: when customers are satisfied and when they’re not. for the latter, customers need to relieve the pressure and our terminals act as a stress relief. When they’re satisfied, customers will give out a review if the job entails 10 seconds or less of their time and does not invade their privacy. In both cases, people like to communicate with their service providers. BA is the customers’ voice. 

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